The best way to a beautiful smile

We all want to look beautiful. Pleasantness does not come with being looking nice only; your behavior also plays a part there. However, if you simply have to “look the part” then what impression you give another person is important as the first impression doesn’t come a second time.


Looking healthy


It has been found out in research that people are attracted to other people who look “healthy”. You don’t’ have to be a body builder or a beauty queen, but if you see a pasty kid, looking like he has not had a bathe in years, as opposed to an energetic looking little boy, you know who will be chosen to talk to. Given the outlook people have on the society, with stereotyping unhealthy looking people as con artists, this is not surprising, although it is quite unfair. Nevertheless, if you want to be seen as pleasant, one thing that can be done is to be and look healthy. Refrain from eating fatty food and avoid fast food which is just carbohydrates. Fresh vegetables and fruits are cheaper and more nutritious. Skip food that is processed too much as well.




Exercising is very important. Today there is a multimillion dollar business of “fitness”. Some fear that if they are not members of a well-known gym or not a part of a famous Pilates class, no one will “accept” them. This is not what should be done; if you are true to yourself, you’d know that doing some working out doesn’t need a gym or even a “home gym”. No machine can bet your mind power. Go for a walk; take a run. If you have a pet dog, walk it in the park or beach. When you are in the office, take the stairs rather than taking the elevator. Walk to the supermarket or farmers market instead of driving. There are so much that can be done without actually spending even a cent.

Facing it


We do not need research to say that we look at the face of a person first. That will give you an indication of what kind of a person in front of you. Most people, especially women, pay more attention to the face. While this is not too healthy, face as well as teeth has to be kept clean and nice; because when you smile what the other person sees is your teeth. Visit a dentist on Queen Mount Druitt regularly to check up on the oral health.

If you don’t eat a lot of sweets and brush often – twice a day – floss and gargle, it is not very hard to have pearly white teeth.


You have to take care of yourself. If you are not the one, then who will it be to look after you?








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