4 Simple Ways to Secure Your Home

You shouldn’t consider yourself completely safe from a home invasion when one occurs every three minutes in Australia. In fact, 20% of all homes in Australia have been burgled at some point in time. So even if you live in a very safe neighbourhood and don’t do anything particular to attract burglars, there’s still a slight chance your house might be broken into. If you have a family, then even that slight possibility can be quite unsettling.

What can you do about it? There are numerous measures you can take to secure your home. In this article we’re going to focus on some simple ones. But don’t let their simplicity fool you, because they’re very effective!

Secure Your Doors

Most of the time, your doors are the final line of defence against an invasion. Hence it’s only logical to secure them firmly. First of all, inspect your door frames and make sure they’re strong. Secondly make sure that your hinges aren’t exposed to the outside, because otherwise you’ll be making a burglar’s job quite easy.

Sliding doors are the easiest to break into. So if you have one or multiple, we highly recommend that you purchase a sliding door lock set for each. In addition, you can it one step further by installing a glass break sensor that trips off an alarm.

Keep Your Windows Locked

Windows are popular entry points for invaders. Therefore, you should always make a habit out of locking your windows, especially when you’re not in the room.

Most windows don’t come with very good latches so you’ll definitely want to invest in some heavy duty ones from your local hardware store. If that doesn’t seem enough, you can invest in window locks or levers that are operated by keys. Lastly, you might consider installing window bars, if the aesthetic doesn’t displease you.

Keep Your Surroundings Well-Lit

Burglars love to hide in the shadow so why not take them away? All it takes is some powerful outdoor lighting to put the spotlight on anyone who tries to creep around your house. We recommend placing lights on both the front and back yards, near the garage, close to the front door and windows. Make sure you cover all the entry points.

What about when you’re not at home? Easy, just invest in a timer that will turn the lights on at a particular time during the evening. This will give the impression that someone’s always home.

Secure the Garage

Garages are another popular entry point for burglars. That’s because it’s usually easy to get into and a lot of people store items there, making it an attractive target.

You can take a few simple steps to secure your garage. First of all, always make sure to lock the garage door, both exterior and interior ones. This way, if a burglar does again access to the garage, they won’t be able to get inside the house. Furthermore, always keep the opener inside the house, in a secure place. If the garage door is automated and locked with a security code, do your very best to keep it private.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to secure your home. These four methods might be simple, but they’re incredible effective.

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