4 symptoms final stage osteoarthritis to be alarmed of

Osteoarthritis is a condition that happen due to continue degeneration of joint cartilage and the underlying bone. It is quite common to find people who are aging with this condition due to the added vulnerability they possess. But like most physical diseases, a condition like this is divide into 4 main stages. In the 4th and the final stage of OA, you should understand that you are on the verge on going to the level that is hard to come back from. But how can you notice it?

In this read, we will be going over 4 of the very distinctive symptoms of final stages of OA.

  1. Excessive and repetitive pain

Once you reach the stage 4 of OA, staying at rest in one place would not be as painless and simple as you want it to be. This is exactly why you shouldn’t disregard any pain surge when you are an OA patient.

  1. Decreased range of motion

OA is a disease that is effects on the joints and the whole musculoskeletal system as whole. This implies the direct threat to the human locomotion almost as a definition. Imagine a condition like this reaching a final stage; how hard do you think the stiffness of the joints would be. Studies have revealed that too many people who suffer of OA at this stage rapidly lose the control of unhindered locomotion and hence the drop of the range of motion; this would take away too many things that you love and that’s why timely osteoarthritis treatment singapore is essential.

  1. Repetitive instability of the joints

If you happened to see how abnormal the joints are of a person who has OA and who doesn’t have OA, you would be able to spot a person’s joints who has reached the final stage of OA. At this stage, the patient would notice that his or her knees are being buckled due to the sheer inability of the joints to withhold the dead load of the body. You would be able to notice the difference since this almost happened overnight.

  1. Excessive swelling of joints

The last thing you want is your joints to reach that point of swelling where it obstructs the way of getting into comfortable clothes. After all, what the point of the clothes if you are letting the very body become worse on the daily basis. The trick here is to consult the right doctors on time, even if it stage 4 so that you can recover.



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