When You should See an Optometrist?

Healthy people aged 18 to 60 and do not have any existing eye conditions, a visit to an Optometrist is only required once every two years. But once you turn 61, you are required to see an Optometrist yearly. Although you might be considered “at risk” if an eye condition or any eye diseases, diabetes or high blood pressure runs in the family, you must frequently see an Optometrist for eye exams. If you are indeed at risk because of the above mentioned conditions, set a regular eye exam appointment with your Optometrist.

See an Optometrist if You have an Existing Eye Condition

Of course, the first reason why you should see an independent optometrists is if you have an existing eye condition and your eyesight is already impaired. Some of the eye disorders that an Optometrist could help you with are astigmatism, glaucoma, nearsightedness, farsightedness, cataracts, and retinal problems among others. If your glasses and or contact lenses are already due for replacement or you feel like your eye grade increased, you should see an Optometrist.

If You have Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or Anyone in Your Family Does

Blurry vision is one of the things that could happen if you are Diabetic or if your blood sugar is higher than normal so it is imperative that you have a regular check up with an Optometrist. But if there is no family history of someone being Diabetic but your vision is getting blurry, your blood sugar might be the reason for it. And if the Optometrist suspects this, they would check your blood sugar first before prescribing you with glasses or contact lenses. People with high blood pressure are also prone to hypertensive retinopathy. This is when hypertension causes damage to the blood vessels in the retina.

See an Optometrist if There is an Increase on “Floaters”

For those who have migraine, seeing floaters or auras or those squigglies you see when you close your eyes indicate that a migraine attack is about to happen. But if the floaters are not because of a migraine attack, you should see an Optometrist because you might be at risk of a detached retina. You should consider this as an emergency because if left untreated, it might lead to blindness. You also have to take note of shadows and flashing lights in your peripheral vision because these are also signs of this condition.

See an Optometrist if You Experience Eye Strain

Most of us work with computers. If you experience eye strain when you are looking at your PC, laptop or even mobile phones, you need to see an Optometrist. Eye strain because of prolonged usage of gadgets could lead to severe headaches and blurred vision. Your Optometrist could issue you with blue light blocking glasses to help block UV lights and blue light waves emitted from computer and mobile screens that contribute to eye strain.

If you recently had head trauma, you should also see an Optometrist. Although it is recommended that you don’t wait for these experiences to happen before you take care of your eye health. Schedule an eye exam and if you are required to visit the Optometrist after the exam, do so.

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