In What Ways Can You Be More Health Conscious?

Whether you’re in your mid-twenties, working at an MNC company and your boss hands over a generous pile of work to complete with strict deadlines or just a teenager going through a heart break after having found that your boyfriend prefers visiting your best friend’s house, life can get a bit hectic and when it does, the last thing you care about your is your health and your eating habits. However what you’re forgetting is that your physical health has a tremendous impact on your mental health. Let’s get this straight, you might not really give a damn on how many hate comments you’re getting about your fat thighs and that’s great. But what I’m trying to say is while you think you’re mentally okay with cyber bully, at one point things will definitely turn downturn. But if you’re physically healthy, you’re also mentally healthy. But how exactly can you be more conscious of your eating habits?

Check Your Food Choices.

Every little thing you do matters. Be it a smile you give to your security guard or a small change you make to your daily lunch. Every little change you make to your plate of food that you eat on a daily basis counts. Next time you’re planning for a Chinese take-out for dinner, choose a healthier option with more vegetables and less oil. If you’re used to eating fast-food every day, this can be hard, but there’s nothing impossible and you’ll eventually get used to it. Every frozen lunch you buy, check for ingredients and the less the merrier.

Portrait of a young office worker eating lunch with coworkers at a boardroom table

Eat In Peace.

When I say you have to eat in peace, it doesn’t mean you can lock your room door, wrap 235 blankets around yourself, and eat with your eyes glued to the TV, be it you’re binge watching episode of Baywatch or documentaries on Dietitian Life. In fact, to eat in peace means to avoid all possible distractions while you’re eating from using tablets to smart phones. Research indicates you consume 40 percent more calories if you’re distracted while eating and on the other hand, you can save yourself from up to 70 percent more calories if you eat slowly and deliberately taking time for each spoon and savouring the taste. Remember every little change counts!

Plan Your Cheats.

Being extra with anything is not good, be it the layers of foundation you’re caking your face with or caring way too much about you kids and getting them spoilt rotten. Same goes with your diets. Don’t be over conscious of your eating habits. Rather maybe even plan your cheats, keep one or two a week. Maybe reward yourself with one slice of that chocolate fudge not two, from your favourite cafe down the street if you have been eating healthy the entire week. Treating yourself and having a shower of self-love is important, so go ahead but remember don’t go overboard.

Understand Real Food.

When your friends suggest pizza and Netflix you say yes because well, you’ll miss out on the Instagram posts. Even if it’s the fourth day in a row. When your work mate asks for a lunch out at fast food restaurant you say yes because you’ve got a crush on him. Even if it’s going on for a year now and you’re the one paying. Many of us eat unconsciously, eat what we don’t need, when we don’t feel hungry or eat because we’re expected to. And then stare at the wall at two A.M wondering why on earth we’re fat. You bribe your kids with junk if do this or that. You reward yourself with food that’s spilling with fat when you’re sad. Only you’re sad for days. There’s a line between Reel food and Real food. And you know it. It’s up to you to draw the line and not cross it.